Review of Helmut Hampton SEO Meetup

Our class attended Helmut Hampton’s “SEO Basics by an SEO Professional” workshop and I wanted to give my 2 cents.

In the beginning, he said that if he “blew our minds” we’d post about it later on the meetup page to help create more buzz. I didn’t realize how serious he was. One attendee raised his hand about halfway through and said “I thought you were joking about blowing our minds. But this is the best meetup I’ve ever attended”.

I have to say, everyone in the room agreed. All he talked about was creating Google-optimized social properties, but I was shocked by how much there was to learn. I didn’t know there were hundreds of social properties, and 1 neat little place to not only find them all, but to see if your brand name is taken. This was a “live attendee” only piece of info, so I won’t say what it was on here.

Anyway, I highly recommend you check out the next meetup. It’s going to be on the actual website optimization, which I’m really excited about.

If you need SEO, I strongly recommend you visit his site: Digital Marketing

Here’s the details on the meetup:

SEO Basics from a Professional SEO

Odessa, FL
125 Members

Business owners: If your business that is not ranked #1 in Google for what you do, then you are handing over money to your competition.I’ll show you SEO broken down and made …

Next Meetup

SEO 101: How To Set Up a Website That Google Loves

Monday, Sep 25, 2017, 7:00 PM
11 Attending

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